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Microbial Bacteria for FOG, BOD & COD

Pond Bacteria Formulation

This formulation is a 5 species blend of Bacillus organisms, formulated to provide many benefits for ponds, lakes, aquaculture ponds, water garden ponds & aquariums. These 5 beneficial pond bacteria will reduce toxic ammonia & nitrite, as well as problem-causing nitrate & phosphate. Plus, it will reduce organic bottom-sludge (muck), control odors, and reduce murky water.
Available in:
Liquid Formulation Dissolvable Powder Barley Straw Powder 1 oz. Dissolvable Block 1 oz. Water Soluble Packets 8 oz. Water Soluble Packets

Grease Trap Bacteria Formulation

This formulation is a 6 species blend of Bacillus organisms. It will reduce the grease build-up in grease traps, lift stations, septic tanks & drain lines. These beneficial bacteria will reduce fats, oils & grease (FOG), as well as BOD, COD, vegetable wastes, fruit wastes, tissue & hair.
Available in:
Liquid Formulation

Dissolvable Powder

This formulation can also be produced in a proprietary powder formula, which contains grease-eating bacteria, a dissolvable powder carrier, a powdered blue dye, and a microbial stabilizer. This stabilizer allows the product to be mixed with water and remain stable as a liquid solution for up to 60 days. This formulation is designed to replace the liquid grease trap bacteria products in the marketplace. It cost 50-75% less than the competing liquid products. These dissolvable packets are ideal as "Re-fill Packets" for the liquid bacteria injection systems (pump & pail systems) that are so prevalent in the marketplace: We also offer a separate 5-species blend of grease eliminating bacteria.

Available in:

1 lb. Dissolvable Blocks 2 lb. Dissolvable Blocks 5 lb. Dissolvable Blocks 10 lb. Dissolvable Blocks Bacteria Re-fill Packets (for liquid injection systems)  

Each packet makes 2.5 gallons of liquid bacteria

Septic Tank Formulation

This formulation is a 6 species blend of Bacillus organisms. It has been formulated to reduce grease and tissue build-up in septic tanks & leachfields. The beneficial bacteria in this formulation will reduce fats, oils & grease (FOG), vegetable wastes, fruit wastes, toilet paper & hair
Available in:
2 oz. Water Soluble Packets Liquid Formulation Dissolvable Packets

Drain Line Bacteria Formulation

This formulation is a 6 species blend of beneficial, formulated to reduce the build-up or organic waste in commercial, industrial and residential drain lines.  It will restore slow flowing drain lines and reduce odors.  It can be used to treat floor drains, sink drains, tub & shower drains, garbage disposals, and similar drain line systems.  It will reduce cooking wastes such as fats, oils & grease (FOG), fruit & vegetable wastes, tissue paper and hair. 

Available in:

Dissolvable Powder Liquid Formulation

Petroleum & Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria

This formulation contains beneficial bacteria, which will bioremediate crude oil, as well as crude oil's 100,000+ derivatives. This bacteria formulation can be used to treat contaminated soils and contaminated water.

Available in:

Dissolvable Powder  

RV & Boat Holding Tank Bacteria Formulation

This formulation contains 6 beneficial bacteria, which eliminate odors, human waste, tissue and similar organic wastes found in holding tanks.  It is available in pre-measured 1 oz dissolvable blocks and 1 oz water-soluble packets.  It is ideal for use in RV & boat holding tanks as well as portable toilets.

Available in:

1 oz. Dissolvable Blocks 1 oz. Dissolvable Packets