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Average Annual Temperature:
Minimum Flow in GPM:
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Feed Water Pressure:
Presence of Free Chlorine: PPM:
Maximum Space Available for the System
Width: Length: Height:
Energy Source
Voltage: Cycles: Phases:
Maximum Amperes Allowed in the Line:
Additional Information:
Chemical Analysis of the Feed Water
Temperature: Turbidity/SDI:
Total Solid Residue at 105°C: at 180°C:
Conductivity: TDS:
Total Suspended Solids: Bacteria UFC:
pH: CO2:
Total Hardness: Total Alkalinity:
Iron: Hydrogen Sulfides (SH2):
Calcium: Carbonates:
Magnesium: Bicarbonates:
Sodium: Sulfates:
Potassium: Chlorides:
Ammonia: Nitrates:
Strontium: Phosphates:
Barium: Silica Oxide (SiO2):
Free Residual Chlorine:
Very Important: Determine the Measuring Unit (mg/l, ppm. CO3Ca, etc.)
Feed Water Pipe Diameter:
Product Water Storage (yes/no): Yes No
Total Storage Volume (gals/m3):
Distance & Height of the Cistern:
Permeate Re pressurization Required (flow & pressure): Yes No
Availability of Drainage:

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