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Air Treatment Systems that eliminate "Smog and Oil Mist" through Horizontal Tray Impingement Technology

HITT Series Industrial Scrubber System
HITT Series Industrial Scrubber System - Low profile and compact arrangement allows installation in restricted places. Virtually no maintenance, no nozzles, filters to plug or replace - self cleaning with programmed injection of non-foaming detergent or biocatalyst. A great solution for industrial air treatment to eliminate smog and oil mist containing fats, oils and grease.
hitt image
OQMC - Oil Quenching Mist Collector
OQMC - Oil Quenching Mist Collector - Designed for removal of oil mist & smoke from quenching tanks. All welded carbon steel construction with an enamel paint finish inside & out, mounting feet, circulation pump with start/stop switch, high side dirty air inlet, wetting tray, scrubbing pad, demister section, access panels, drain/recycling connection, view port and Magnehelic gauges. This closed loop design uses the quenching oils to filter the mist and/or smoke while returning the collected oils for reuse.
OQMC - Oil Quenching Mist Collector
HITT-H Series Hood Air Treatment System
HITT-H Series Hood Air Treatment System
The HITT-H Series is the complete solution with its patented wet scrubber design built right into the 304 stainless steel, high velocity kitchen hood providing an unmatched gas-to-liquid contact, essential for effective removal of kitchen exhaust contaminants.
HITT-H Series Hood Treatment Systems