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Submersible Pumps

Elima-Matic Pumps | Accessories | Single & Duplex Pumps

Versa-Matic offers a line of reliable submersible pumps that deliver a wide range of options, from size to pressure to flow rate. Our submersible pumps can run on non-electric power, are small enough to fit into tight places, and can deliver high flow or high pressure depending on the dewatering situation. We offer a number of pumps that let you choose the features you need:

Porta-Matic Specifications
  English Metric
Maximum Flow 43 gpm 163 lpm
Maximum Head Pressure 25 ft. 7.6 meters
Fluid Outlet 1.5" NPT (female) or BSPT
Weight 33 lbs. 14.37 kg

When you need to dewater fast, keep the Porta-Matic™ nearby to pump everything on your job site from ditches to manholes. This portable pump delivers up to 43 gpm and a head pressure of 25'. Powered by any 12-volt truck or auto battery, the Porta-Matic weighs just 33 lbs and provides whisper-quiet operation.

The Porta-Matic...
  • fits in openings as small as 10" diameter
  • is constructed of aluminum
  • operates without a suction hose, engine cranking, or gas cans
  • offers a low 30-amp draw for an average of an hour of operation without engine restarting
  • includes a remote waterproof controller for easy, safe operation
  • comes with both 1-1/2" NPT or BSPT (tapered thread) female connections
  • has a self-lubricating shaft seal and bearing is lubricated for life

AP-50 Specifications
  English Metric
Maximum Flow 125 gpm 473 lpm
Maximum Discharge Pressure 48 psi 3.3 bar
Maximum Solid Particle Size 25" 6 mm
Air Inlet 0.75" NPT or BSP (male)
Exhaust Outlet 1.0" NPT or BSP (felmale)
Fluid Outlet 2.0 NPT or BSP (female)
Weight 71 lbs. 32 kg
When you need a pump that provides higher head pressures, get the AP50 air-driven high pressure pump. Capable of pumping up to 100 vertical feet while fully submerged, the AP50 runs on an efficient air motor with auto-start, making it the ideal tool for dewatering in situations where electricity is unavailable.

The AP50...
  • weighs 71 lbs
  • is constructed of cast iron
  • has a maximum head pressure of 100' vertical
  • offers sealed construction and a convenient carrying handle
  • is compact and will fit in openings as small as 16" diameter
  • provides easy maintenance and has a long service life
  • operates at low noise levels
  • is able to run dry without being damaged
  • can be operated safely in hazardous areas
  • includes an integral baseplate/strainer
  • features an open impeller for slurry and solids

Sludge Master Specifications
  English Metric
Maximum Flow 300 gpm 1,140 lpm
Maximum Discharge Pressure    
Maximum Solid Particle Size 1.5" 38.1 mm
Air Inlet 0.50" NPT
Exhaust Outlet 0.75" NPT
Fluid Outlet 3" M{T (felmale)
Weight 59 lbs. 26.76 kg
For a pump that handles mud, leaves, sand, and any solid up to 1.5" without clogging, get the SludgeMaster™ air-driven high-flow pump. This trash pump operates at up to 300 gpm—our highest flow rate— runs on compressed air for continuous power supply. Weighing just 59 lbs, the SludgeMaster is constructed for rough handling and long life on land, sea, or offshore.

The SludgeMaster...
  • can run dry without damage
  • is constructed of cast iron
  • has a maximum head pressure of 65' vertical
  • won't choke on small trash
  • fits into openings as small as 14" diameter
  • is self-draining to prevent damage in subfreezing temperatures
  • is self-priming and continuous automatic lubricating
  • has an optional rock screen for 1/2" solids
  • handles abrasive substances with less wear