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Pressure Filtration > Vapor Phase Vessels

Choose from a wide range of Vapor Phase filtration vessels. Any of 60 units are ready to ship, and can be outfitted with any media required for the job. From 2 to 300 gpm, 20 to 20,000 cfm, interconnecting pipe racks or hoses, bag filters, breakthrough indicators, rupture discs and more, we have what you need on hand, ready to go. If you have an air or water stream with multi-component contaminants we can help you size the vessel you will require or estimate the amount of activated carbon you will use on a daily or yearly basis with our predictive model.

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Liquid Phase Vessels

Vapor Phase Vessels
VFD Series
VFV Series
VF Series
VR Series
Drum based filters -
Flow rate range 10~500 CFM
Tank based filters
Flow rate range 20~2500 CFMM High Vacuum
Tank based filters
Flow rate range 50~8000 CFM
Low Pressure Drop
Radial design filters - Flow rate range 50~5000 CFM - Low Pressure Drop
VFD 30 VFV 250 VF 500 VR 140
VFD 55 VFV 500 VF 1000 VR 170
VFD 85 VFV 1000 VF 2000 VR 225
VFD 110 VFV 2000 VF 3000 VR 400
N/A VFV 3000 VF 5000 VR 700
N/A VFV 5000 VF 10000 VR 1600
N/A N/A N/A VR 2600