Frac Water Treatment System

The Integrated Treatment System (ITS) is a mobile solution for treating flowback and produced water from hydraulic fracturing sites. By preparing water for direct reuse in future fracks, the ITS removes water disposal from the equation - while both conserving water resources and improving the well-owner's bottom line.

Dissolved Air Flotation System

VLT-Series DAF systems are great for industrial pre-treatment programs where environmental discharge standards are in play. When TSS, FOG, and BOD values fall out of compliance because of process alterations or more stringent permit limitations, the V-Series DAF is the answer. Remove up to 99% of TSS/FOG & 75% of BOD.

Air Charged Entrainment (ACE) - Enhanced DAF, DGF and Oil Water Separator Unit

The ACE features no internal moving parts, a small footprint, entrained air into the sludge and rapid floatation and separation. Its truly unqiue design can be utilized as a DAF, DGF or an Oil Water Separator.

Package Sewage Treatment System

The Bio-Clear biological treatment system is a packaged sewage treatment plant based on the 10-state standard design. For rural developments serving populations between 10 - 10,000 persons, the Bio-Clear is a proven solution for treating wastewater to levels suitable for direct discharge or irrigation - typically to TSS/BOD <20mg/L.

Ultra Filtration Membrane System

UF (Ultrafiltration) produces a high quality effluent, devoid of nearly all TSS (Total Suspended Solids), FOG (Fat Oil and Grease) and other contaminates such as Dissolved Metals.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the best alternative for high volume/high quality water treatment. The primary purpose of RO is to produce effluent filtrate (clean water) that has very little in the way of impurities associated with salts and other elements besides water.

Oil Water Separators for removal of free and mechanically emulsified oils

Remove free and mechanically emulsified oils down to 20 microns. The right solution for oil separation in machine shops, auto shops, and vehicle washdown stations.

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