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Specialty Chemicals for Odor Control and Wastewater Treatment

Water Specific Chemicals

Ecologix coagulants and flocculants are formulated to assist in the solids/liquid separation of suspended particles in solution. Such particles are characteristically very small and the suspended stability of such particles (colloidal complex) is due to both their small size and to the electrical charge between particles.
Ecologix precipitants are expressly formulated to precipitate metal ions from a wide variety of industrial process wastewaters and ground waters. Such wastewaters frequently contain chelants and other complexing agents that surround the metal ions and prevent the chemical reaction that converts the ions to insoluble particles.
Ecologix supplies a full line of chemicals specifically designed to clarify effluent wastewater especially oily wastewater. Federal, state and local municipalities have increased the emphasis on the need for industry to be proactive in this area. Our comprehensive series of clarifier chemicals include:
  • Oil-in-water demulsifiers
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Sludge Thickeners
  • Flotation Aids

Water Specific Chemicals / Odor Control Chemicals

We offer 2 models the MCM-830 and the MCM-830P.

OrganoClay removes mechanically emulsified oil and grease, free oil and high molecular weight organic molecules. It is highly versatile, effective, and can be used in pre-treatment, post-treatment, or stand-alone processes.

MCM-830 can be used as post treatment to oil-water separators or as pre-treatment to liquid carbon filtration systems resulting in cleaner water and longer run times than with carbon alone and therefore decreased operational costs.

MCM-830P is a modified clay mineral designed for use as a filter media in process and wastewater treatment. The product effectively removes a wide range of hydrocarbons and trace amounts of heavy metals from water.
FlocClays are bentonite and organoclay based flocculants in powdered form that remove oils, grease, surfactants, dyes, inks, coolants, solvents, metals and heavy metals and suspended solids from wastewater.

FlocClays consist of bentonite, organoclay, and other basic items that cause encapsulation of oils and greases, removal of other organics by partition and chemical bonding, as well as removal of heavy metals by precipitation, ion exchange and chemical bonding.

The result is a dense non-leachable sludge which normally passes the TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leachate Procedure) test. There exists a wide variety of blends which can be used to treat numerous waste streams.

Customer Testimonial
Odorzorb 427 has a specific reaction with odorous gases such as:
  • Sulfides
  • Thiols
  • Amines
  • Ammonia to generate decomposition and re-composition reactions with aromatic structures and other circular hydrocarbons
    View MSDS Odorzorb 427

Odorzorb 438
OdorZorb 438 is used as a topical spray for landfills, pump stations, around dumpsters and any place that contains intrusive odors. Odorzorb 438 is designed to be mixed at ratio of 1:1000 with water. It is highly concentrated and guaranteed to eliminate odors.
View MSDS Ordorzorb 438 PDF

Odorzorb 470
OdorZorb 470 that is used for Aeration (Atomizing) Acrylate odors. For odorous areas, we recommend spraying into the air at ratio of 1:1000 with water.
View MSDS Odorzorb 470 PDF

View bacteria formulations for a variety of applications including:
  • Pond Bacteria Formulation
  • Grease Trap Bacteria Formulation
  • Septic Tank Formulation
  • Drain Line Bacteria Formulation
  • Petroleum & Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria
  • RV & Boat Holding Tank Bacteria Formulation