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Forms > Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Request Form

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Project Details
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Data on the water to be treated
General Data
Wastewater discharged by Gravity    Pumps
Pressure of head of water
Nature of existing waste water discharge system Collecting Pit    Pipe Line    Sewer    Gutter    Other
Existing control equipment in feed system Valves (state pipe)    Blends    Reducers    Chokes
Minimum flow, normal flow, maximum flow
Continuous operation / batch operation Continuous    Batch ; Operation Hours
Average period of batch flow
Frequency of batches
Quantity of waste water per batch
Physical Qualities
Appearance Color    Turbidity    Odor
Temperature Minimum    Normal    Maximum
Are soaps, detergents or their surface active agents present in the waste water Yes    No    Please Specify
Are fibers, hair, etc. present in the waste water Yes    No    Please Specify
Are air or gases present in the wastewater Yes    No
Unsaturated        Saturated      Super Saturated      Entrained Bubbles
Quantity of materials settling out mg/l
Density and settling velocity of materials m/h
Quantity and nature of floating material mg/l
Size distribution of the solids present if known
Analysis Results Wastewater Supply Desired Discharge Standards
pH Avg    Min    Max  
TSS (Total Suspended Solids) mg/l mg/l
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) mg/l mg/l
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) mg/l mg/l
BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) mg/l mg/l
TOC (Total Organic Carbon) mg/l mg/l
Ammonia nitrogen mg/l mg/l
Albuminoid nitrogen mg/l mg/l
Phosphates mg/l mg/l
Orthophosphates or polyphosphates mg/l mg/l
Mineral, animal, vegetable Mineral   Animal   Vegetable
Concentration: mg/l
Method of analysis used to obtain the figures
Specify gravity
Viscosity (State method and units used)
Oil droplets diameter
Oil droplets size distribution
Nature of fats
Concentration mg/l mg/l
Heavy Metals
Concentration mg/l mg/l
Emulsified Materials
Dissolved Materials
Calcium and Magnesium salts
Alkali metal salts
Carbonate and bicarbonate
Others, please specify
Required Discharge Standards
Do legislative standards apply to your waste effluent discharge Yes    No  
Which standards
Is a copy available Yes    No  
Visual appearance of the waste effluent Color    Turbidity    Jackson Turbidity Units
Desired Degree of Product Recovery and Water Reclamation
The treated water will be Discharged    Re-used  
In case of re-use, please give the specification for the water to be re-used
Are the impurities to be recovered Yes    No  
In case of recovery, please specify any chemicals that may not accompany the material to be recovered
Proposed Water Treatment Installation Information
Situation Above ground    Sump    Others
Material(s) of construction Concrete    Sump    Others
Installation location relative to water source Indoors    Outdoors      Off-shore  Other
Is electricity available Yes    No      Phase
Maximum starting load permitted Kw
Is compressed air available Yes    No      If Yes, please give details
Is clean fresh water available Yes    No      If Yes, please give details
Is steam available Yes    No      If Yes, please give details
Additional Information
Is an offer required Yes    No
If Yes, what is your timeframe
Scheduled date of start-up
Plant location well accessible Yes    No
Are there any obstacles for transport Yes    No    If Yes, please give details

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